I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen, and for almost as long I’ve been a spiritual seeker. I became an atheist at 15, and thereafter studied and explored many faiths, particularly Buddhism and various flavors of paganism.

Almost 10 years ago I rediscovered Christianity in the Catholic Church and found an intellectual tradition and a richness of faith and practice that had eluded me as a Baptist teenager. I still consider myself semi-Catholic, although they’re no longer much interested in having me. I believe in God and His Son Jesus Christ, but I believe in a lot of other things as well.

For a while now I have been drawn back toward paganism, and in exploring what it is that draws me, I have discovered (in depth, for the first time) its animist, shamanic roots, which in my opinion are deeper, richer, older, truer, and wiser than standard-issue neo-paganism or Wicca.

This is a traditional witchcraft blog, not a Wiccan blog. Witchcraft is my praxis, not my religion. Herein I explore shamanism, hedgewitchery, hoodoo, voodoo, herbalism, necromancy, rune lore, folklore, faery-faith, syncretism, and much, much more. This is not a collection of my expertise. It’s a record of my learning. I hope you’ll join me, and learn with me.

As I write this, I am firmly in the broom closet, but considering leaving it.

“Witchcraft, like the truffle, grows best and has its raciest flavour when most deeply hidden.” – Charles Leland

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